Book Release: Aftermath by Cynthia Ray

Another Labyrinth of Souls novel is available today! Aftermath by Cynthia Ray is a gripping, inventive addition to the series, a near-future science fiction adventure that adds a new twist the concept of the labyrinth. ShadowSpinners Press is proud to present this impressive debut novel.

About the book: Homes have gone missing. Carly and Michael track three of the runaway houses to a place in the backwoods, where unexpected events threaten their lives and their sanity. Trapped in the dark, they are surrounded by a malefic intelligence that compels them to navigate the ever-shifting walls of a subterranean chamber. In order to survive, they must draw on every skill they possess, but unlocking the secret to the labyrinth will require more than they ever imagined possible.

Click here to find the paperback and ebook on Amazon. Soon to be available wherever fine books are sold!

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