Littlest Death Wins Big

The 2018 International Book Awards were announced this week, and Littlest Death by Eric Witchey won or placed in 4 categories! Congratulations, Eric!

Winner– Visionary Fiction

Finalist – Fantasy Fiction

Finalist – Cross-Genre Fiction

Finalist – Best New Fiction

And that’s not all!  Two of Eric’s other books, released by IFD Publishing, also won accolades.

Bull’s Labyrinth

“Winner” Fiction: Fantasy Category

“Finalist” Best New Fiction Category

Professor Witchey’s Miracle Mood Cure

“Finalist” Fiction: Short Story Category

“Finalist” Best Cover Design Category

Here’s the official announcement:

And here’s a link to the all places you can buy Littlest Death online!  Books2Read Universal Link

What readers on Amazon are saying about Littlest Death, currently rated 5 out of 5 Stars.

“I was utterly wowed, charmed, and delighted”

“well written, humorous and imaginative”

“Beautifully written. A touching story that brought laughter and tears.”

Littlest Death: An Afterlife Fantasy by Eric Witchey, Silver Medalist in the 2018 IPPY Awards, Winner of the 2018 International Book Awards/ Visionary Fiction.

One human soul and a little respect isn’t too much to ask for, but both are hard to get if you’ve only been a death for a thousand years.
Littlest Death yearns for the respect given to grim reapers who bring human souls from Overworld into Underworld. She works hard at the jobs she’s given. Really hard! No other death gathers in MILLIONS of souls at time like she does. Okay, they are just the souls of fungi, bacteria, and single-celled critters like amoebas, but—MILLIONS! If she could bring in just one human soul, the other deaths would stop looking down on her. Desperate to become a real death, frustrated by humans, and hounded by a Hell Puppy, she sets out to spy on the most accomplished death in the history of dying, Oldest Death. Her actions threaten the eternal flow of souls between life and death, and by the time she understands the damage she’s done, it may be too late to save herself and the souls she has hurt.

One thought on “Littlest Death Wins Big

  1. Much thanks to ShadowSpinners Press, Christina Lay, Matthew Lowes, Liz Cratty, and Bolivia Red for making this book real. I was slow to warm to this project, but you all kept me involved. If it weren’t for the direct influence of Bolivia Red and Liz Cratty, I would have strayed away from Littlest Death and her Horrid Hell Hound.


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