Book Release: The Bee’s Waltz by Mary E. Lowd

ShadowSpinners Press is excited to announce the 12th book in the Labyrinth of Souls series: The Bee’s Waltz by Mary E. Lowd. The Bee’s Waltz is the sequel to The Snake’s Song, and is Book 2 in The Celestial Fragments trilogy. Book 3, The Otter’s Wings, will be coming out some time in 2022.

Mary visited our sister website earlier this week to talk about the inspiration for the trilogy and how she came to be part of the Labyrinth of Souls merry band of adventurers. Read her article here.

Both the print and ebook versions are now available on Amazon, and will soon be distributed wherever fine books are sold.

About the book:

After generations of living in a purple dogwood, Zwi’s hive needs to find a new tree to call home. The honeybee has been searching everywhere for a tree blessed by the All-Being, while her squirrel friend, Witch-Hazel, tags along. But then Witch-Hazel begins seeing visions of her long-lost, beloved otter friend, Fish-Breath, guiding her on a journey toward the All-Being’s castle in the sky. To complete their quests, the honeybee and squirrel must seek favors from a mysterious Luna moth, brave the temptations of a unicorn’s garden, and avoid being drawn into the ongoing rivalry between a flock of ravens and a golden eagle living on the stem of giant beanstalk stretching into the sky.

If the honeybee and squirrel can hold the course, they just might learn the secret behind why the endless rivers between the earth and sky dried up long ago and heal a timeless wound to their world.  But most importantly, maybe Witch-Hazel will get to see Fish-Breath again.

If you haven’t read it yet, don’t forget to check out The Snake’s Song, Book 1 in The Celestial Fragments trilogy.

About the author:

Mary E. Lowd is a prolific science-fiction and furry writer in Oregon. She’s had nearly 200 short stories and a dozen novels published, always with more on the way. Her work has won numerous awards, and she’s been nominated for the Ursa Major Awards more than any other individual. She is also the founder and editor of Zooscape. Learn more at

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