Book Release: The Otter’s Wings by Mary E. Lowd

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a new book featuring Shadowcats and a menacing Octopus surgeon lurking in an underground lair? ShadowSpinners is happy to announce the release of the third and final book in the Celestial Fragments trilogy: The Otter’s Wings by Mary E. Lowd.

About the book: After returning from their visit to the All-Being, Witch-Hazel the squirrel tries to retire in Riverton with her friends Fish-Breath the otter and Twiggy the beaver.  But their adventures haunts them, in the form of Fish-Breath’s un-otter-like wings, gifted by the Celestial Fragments.  A dangerous, magical figure tracks Fish-Breath down, and the three friends find themselves back on the run in Twiggy’s hot air balloon, trying to escape the frightening shadow-cats and looking for a way to extract the Celestial Fragments from Fish-Breath’s body.

The adventurers seek help on an island of gryphons, from a mad scientist octopus, and in the watery realm of a koi fish queen.  All the while, Witch-Hazel’s connection to the magic flowing through their world grows, and she begins to suspect there are deep secrets about the nature of magic and their world that the queens of the elemental realms haven’t been telling her.

Click here to find The Otter’s Wings on Amazon: Soon to be available in fine bookstores everywhere.

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