Labyrinth of Souls


Spring of 2017: The Labyrinth of Souls Fiction Project

What: A series of dark fantasy novels inspired by the world of Labyrinth of Souls: Dungeon Solitaire.

Who: Elizabeth Engstrom, Matthew Lowes, Christina Lay, Cheryl Owen-Wilson, Eric Witchey, Stephen Vessels, Mary E. Lowd, Lisa Alber, John Reed, Pamela Herber, Cynthia Ray and more to be announced.

June 28, 2017

Benediction Denied by Elizabeth Engstrom

While hydrologist Adam Swan is engaged in humanitarian efforts to bring water to a small, isolated village in the Congo, he is kidnapped by rebel thugs and thrown into a makeshift prison. He is left to die—or worse—if his ransom is not paid. In a surprising series of events, Adam escapes his brutal captors into an underground labyrinth where reality and sanity no longer rule.

Armed with a limited amount of magic which he does not understand, he survives by employing it boldly, recklessly, desperate to return to the village above, homesick for Minnesota and normal life with his wife and daughters.

Tested to the extreme limits of his endurance, Adam navigates the labyrinth with only the company of his past behavior, the baffling magic, and the seductive temptation to succumb to the mysterious and merciless gods of the underworld. The consequences of his actions, past present, and future, take him to the brink of death—and beyond.

A fun, fast, thrilling ride by veteran author Elizabeth Engstrom, inspired by Matthew Lowes’ Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls card game.

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June 28, 2017

Symphony of Ruin by Christina Lay

Death is stalking The City. From out of the catacombs, a deadly monster has arisen. Unfortunately for alchemist’s apprentice Remy the Rat Boy, his master is away and it’s up to Remy to discover the nature of the monster and put an end to its killing rampage. His search for answers takes him high into the elegant chambers of the city’s elite, and down into long forgotten ruins, into depths untraveled and unimagined for centuries. Lost in the ancient ruins with only ghosts and creatures of the darkness for companionship, Remy must use every ounce of wit and conjure every scrap of magic at his disposal in order to survive the labyrinth and save The City from its shadow self.

Check out the great review on Forever Phantasy  “For a great, very strange, dark comedy that provides death and mystery at every turn – I suggest Symphony of Ruin. It is well written, well paced, and Christina Lay has given me one of the most interesting and fun characters I have ever had the chance of experiencing.”


August 30, 2017

The End of All Things by Matthew Lowes


Rithik is a hunter of artifacts among the ancient cities of a long-gone, advanced civilization. Infected with ghost flesh, a fatal disease caught in the ruins, he is banished from his village and must find his way in the wastelands. With the help of a mutant dog, he ventures into the post-apocalyptic underworld in search of the answers to life and death. In the dark forgotten depths, they discover extraordinary secrets and terrible dangers hidden by the catastrophic downfall of ages past. And in the farthest reaches of the labyrinth, Rithik must face the greatest enigma of all—himself.

An incredible journey from the creator of the Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls tarot card game.


October 6, 2017

Littlest Death by Eric Witchey



An Afterlife Fantasy

by award winning author Eric Witchey.

One human soul and a little respect isn’t too much to ask for, but both are hard to get if you’ve only been a death for a thousand years.

Littlest Death yearns for the respect given to grim reapers who bring human souls from Overworld into Underworld. She works hard at the jobs she’s given. Really hard! No other death gathers in MILLIONS of souls at time like she does. Okay, they are just the souls of fungi, bacteria, and single-celled critters like amoebas, but—MILLIONS! If she could bring in just one human soul, the other deaths would stop looking down on her. Desperate to become a real death, frustrated by humans, and hounded by a Hell Puppy, she sets out to spy on the most accomplished death in the history of dying, Oldest Death. Her actions threaten the eternal flow of souls between life and death, and by the time she understands the damage she’s done, it may be too late to save herself and the souls she has hurt.