A Collection of Dark Tales

ShadowSpinners: A Collection of Dark Tales

Twelve fascinating stories drawn from the shadows and woven together into a web of literary delight.

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ShadowSpinners: A Collection of Dark Tales

This collection is brought to you by the writers of ShadowSpinners, a collective blog dedicated to exploring the darker side of fiction. Join us for a journey through the shadows. Wherever you end up, it is sure to be fascinating.

Within these pages you’ll discover a wide range of genres, from literary to fantasy to horror and beyond. Humorous, terrifying, thought provoking and strange, but never predictable, these twelve stories all explore the hidden corners of the human experience.

Includes stories by Elizabeth Engstrom, Eric Witchey, Alan M. Clark, Sarina Dorie, Matt Lowes, Stephen T. Vessels, Lisa Alber, Cynthia Ray, Alexis Duran, Pamela Herber, Cheryl Owen-Wilson and Christina Lay.