Immortal’s Penance ~ Release Day

There’s no time like the Day of the Dead for a journey into the ancient Celtic Underworld.


ShadowSpinners Press is thrilled to announce the release of Immortal’s Penance by L.A. Alber, the seventh book in the Labyrinth of Souls fiction series.


Four trials await Malone in the mythic underworld of the ancient Celts
On the remote Isle of Man, archaeologist Malone Wolfe has made a discovery that will ensure his reputation for years to come: a bog man of gigantic proportions. Buried in peat for millennia, the ancient man—or creature?—also comes with warnings from the locals not to disturb the faery tree that guards the site. Malone scoffs at the local lore until he is dragged into the other world of Celtic legend and condemned to a treacherous journey through a realm where faeries sting, trolls talk in riddles, bloodsuckers seduce, and nothing is what it seems. Battered, tortured, and hunted by the bog man, Malone must face his dark past and make a harrowing choice if he hopes to survive.
Little does he know that even if he passes the four trials of the Immortals, his reward may be worse than the punishment.
Available October 31st on Amazon, and other fine retailers soon.
Delve into the Labyrinth, if you dare!

2 thoughts on “Immortal’s Penance ~ Release Day

  1. All of the ebooks are available on the major online retailers, and the print versions are available through Amazon. Also, you can order all of the books except for Immortal’s Penance through your local bookstore. Expanded distribution takes a while to get sorted, so ImP will be listed in the Ingram catalogue in a few weeks. Thanks for asking!


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