Book Release: The Mole Train by John Reed

Here at ShadowSpinners Press we’re ringing in the New Year with a new book! The Mole Train by John Reed is the tenth book to be released in The Labyrinth of Souls series. As you would expect from Mr. Reed, The Mole Train is fun, fast-paced, weird, and full of thrilling twists and turns.

Here’s what the author had to say when I asked him about his inspiration for his novel:

“Greek mythology immortalised the mysterious forces that move eternally through the twisting labyrinths of human nature. The spectre of the Minotaur no longer haunts our dreams but the force is still alive, roaring today through the dark caverns beneath New York’s Lower East Side.   The timelessness of this legend inspired me to document the moment private eye Vince Richards took one last ride on this ghostly juggernaut, “The Mole Train”. “

The Mole Train by John Reed now available in paperback and ebook on Amazon.

Vince Richards, a New York private eye, stumbles into a strange, hidden world when a prospective client is hanged in Tompkins Square Park. Someone is targeting a local coven of Wiccans and the details of their deaths mirror the Salem witch trials of 1692. When the Wiccans hire Vince to investigate, the weirdness intensifies: a voodoo priestess plots to take of the drug trade in lower Manhattan; a phantom train races by, announcing itself with a haunting whistle only Vince can hear; Wiccans and mobsters battle in the streets; and a ghostly encounter convinces Vince that his prospective client may not be dead after all.  When he finally climbs aboard the phantom train and races past the boundaries of time and space, he discovers the trick is not getting on—but getting off.

Find out more about John on his website:

Check out the Labyrinth of Souls series here

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